The Emotional Salary Quick Scan for Leaders

The Emotional Salary Barometer team have designed this tool that is intended to help you identify how certain factors in your organisation might be affecting your people’s Emotional Salary.

This tool has been designed for organisational leaders to give insights as to how organisational brand, culture, leadership and people management and development policies might be impacting on the organisation's Emotional Salary. It does not measure individual Emotional Salary and is not designed for use by employees of an organisation. If you are an individual interested in measuring your own Emotional Salary, our Emotional Salary Barometer provides you with a detailed report and action plan.

In this questionnaire we list a series of variables. According to your knowledge, experience and position, please indicate the level of importance for each in relation to the emotional salary / emotional well-being of the employees in your organization.

It will not take longer than 5 minutes. You can mark only one option in each answer.

You can respond to the Quick Scan for Leaders from the perspective of your direct team, of a wider group you're responsible for or the company as a whole. Please maintain the same perspective throughout the questionnaire as this will deliver more meaningful results.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous and its results are confidential, we will use them only to understand your current situation and to be able to identify those areas in which we can help you.

Once we receive your responses, we will contact you to show you the results so that we can collaboratively analyze:

  • Those critical factors that are supporting the Emotional Salary of the people in your organization.
  • The opportunities you have to increase the Emotional Salary of your organization.
With the results we will work with you on a proposal to reinforce the success factors and take advantage of the opportunities!

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